I didn’t grow up as this artsy kid that was thrown at every finger-paint station and art exhibit my parents could find.

I ran around in my backyard, fell off my bike, restored a 1970 Honda motorcycle with my Dad, and annoyed my older sister; just like anyone else.

All that changed when I found my parents small digital point-and-shoot in my 10th Grade Year of high school. I’d always been okay at a bunch of things that I tried, but never had found that fit. That one thing that just made sense, that just clicked in my brain. Photography was that thing. It was a way for me to attempt to pass on the way I see the world to others around me. It was my thing, and I loved the way telling those stories, no matter how big or small, made me feel.

Fast-forward to today, over 6 years after I photographed my first wedding as a 16 year-old kid with zero clue what he was doing. Now, I live with my stunningly beautiful wife, our unbelievably cute son named Henry, and our sometimes-annoying, always-awesome dog named Fletcher here in Michigan (Detroit + Traverse City). 

While I love where I live so very much, travel is a huge part of my life and this job, and I’ve been honored to photograph weddings and events all over the country. 

This isn’t just a job for me. It’s my passion, my art, my life. I live and breathe photography and wake up everyday more and more excited for the people I meet, and the stories I get to tell. I wholeheartedly believe in staying inspired. Surrounding yourself with scenery, people, places, and spaces that make you better. A great photo is a result of relationship, not of an expensive camera. Some of the best feedback I’ve ever gotten is that I’m able to put my clients at ease; they forget I’m there and let their true relationship, their true selves shine through. That’s the moment I wait and work and hustle and chase after. I’m not just here for the big moments, but for the little ones in between. 

I’m Jesse David Green, and I’d be honored to tell your story.