Late last fall, I had the honor of taking a quick 24-hour trip to Ocala, Florida to join Maddie for her Senior session on the most gorgeous of properties. It was an absolutely perfect day, with a ridiculous sunset cutting through the Spanish moss trees on Aaron + Mallory's farm. Maddie is a super talented equestrian athlete that takes time out of her busy school schedule to travel the country and compete, and getting to photograph her alongside the animals she knows best was such a pleasure. More days like this please, universe. 

Carlie + Kevin

On this spring-like day (that's probably a major tease), all I'm doing is thinking back on this perfect October evening with Carlie + Kevin exploring the shorelines of Lake Michigan and the magic of M22. Those days where the water is still warm from the summer sun, most of the tourists have gone home, and the views are plentiful. Those are the days.

Liz + Joe

Man, I'm so far overdue on showing you guys any of my 2016 weddings. Why not start it off with a bang and show you two of the kindest, most beautiful souls I had the pleasure of photographing last year? Liz and Joe became more than just clients, in such a short period of time and I'm so thankful to have gotten to see and document the incredible story of their love. Plus, Planterra never ceases to freaking kill it with every single wedding.

This place is gorgeous in every nook and cranny and so perfectly complemented the laid-back, fresh and fun wedding that Liz + Joe wanted to put together. So throw some coffee in that cup, put on your favorite Bon Iver tune, and slow-scroll the crap out of this stupidly adorable couple's wedding day. You'll be glad you did. 

The Economy Family

The coolest of families photographed on a perfect fall day in Indian Village, Detroit. The style and the laughs and the love flowing between all three of them is all you can ever hope and dream. Enjoy just a small snippet of a day in the life of the Economy Family. 

The Johnson Family

I don't have much to say about this one. The only words I can muster are just some semblance of how incredibly special it is to be invited into a family's everyday. The mundane, the chaotic, the breakfast, the running around in your underwear. The love flowing from their little house is tangible, and it is real, and you can see it on all of their faces. It was just a Wednesday morning in their world, but it's a day I won't soon forget. 

Libby + Brad

I've started to write this post about six times now, and each time I've just watched that blinking cursor taunt me, and remind me that there's no words good enough to describe the day that Libby and Brad formed for their family and friends a couple of months back. You see, I've known Libby since middle school, and always known her to be thoughtful, caring, and walking around with a ridiculous smile that makes everyone in the room happy. But it wasn't until I got to know Libby with Brad, that I got to see the insane potential these two have to make the world a better place. 

Just watching them throughout this day and the days leading up to it; they just love so deeply, they genuinely care for one another and want to know what the other wants and desires and longs for. They wanted to pick a venue and a location that they could slow down time just a little bit, to be able to linger just a bit longer and chat with family and friends, and to tie in their own amazing aesthetic and vision for what their wedding day could be. Let's just say, that goal was attained. 

Sundance Studios was the most perfect of perfect places they could've had their day. Nestled just a few minutes away from the shores of Lake Michigan, in the quiet little town of Millburg; it's the most amazing of vintage factory venues, with no detail left un-turned. All from the same fine folks that brought us the Blue Dress Barn. It was so inexplicably "them" (and so indescribably hot that day, but we won't talk about that), and I just couldn't wipe the stupid grin off my face for hours on end. It was that good.

So why don't you sit back, grab your Sunday coffee, pop open this song, and re-live Libby + Brad's day with me? I think you'll be glad you did.

Drew + Missy

When you find those clients that you just "click" with on every freaking level, you pretty much just shoot the crap out of them until you've used every last drop of sunlight the day has to offer. Drew + Missy are that couple, and I'm so insanely glad to know them. 

Nicole + Eric

What in the world took me so long to blog this one?! A couple of months back I had the honor of flying out to join Nicole + Eric, not just in their home; but in their neighborhood, at their favorite brunch spot, and their favorite donut shop.

It's shoots like this that are the reason why I always push my clients to pick locations and ideas for their engagement sessions that aren't just a pretty place. Let's shoot somewhere that means something to you, that defines who you are, that signifies where you're at in this very point in your life. Nicole and Eric get married back home in Michigan later this year, but Brooklyn is home right now, and it couldn't have been more perfect to join them (and their ridiculous smiles) right in that very spot.

The Louis Family

This family. My family. Every year or so we finally get around to getting together to snap some pictures (not that we're not together multiples times per week, every week), and it obviously gets crazier by the year as one or the other of us add another kid to the mix. At any rate, these are memories and times in our lives we won't soon forget. So I present you with the Louis Family (+ cameos by Henry) on this beautiful summer evening.

Kelsey + Jake

It started with pizza and beers in the living room, in the middle we trekked through 250 acres of family land in a truck, and at the end we ran around an active sand pit. Kelsey and Jake are the epitome of love, and cool, and joy and I'm so stoked for their wedding in Northern Michigan to roll around in just a couple of months. It doesn't get better than this.

Jordan + Monica

It's kind of the best when you get to know two of the best people in the world for years and years. Then you get to watch them fall in love, fall out of love and go on their own adventures, and then fall in love all over again and head toward marriage. Monica + Jordan's love is the kind of love that is so incredibly real and fun and makes you not be able to wipe a stupid grin off of your face when you're around them.

While I'm crazy bummed I was already booked for their wedding day, I'm just honored I could play a small part in the process. Meet the lovebirds below.

Kristina + Robb

You know, just one of those typical love stories that involves the shoe designer falling in love with the industrial designer and moving to Portland to do PNW stuff but returning to Michigan for your engagement photos on Belle Isle and your wedding at Cranbrook. One of those stories. I like those stories, and I like Kristina + Robb.

Doug + Stacy

When your good friend, who has been the backbone of your photobooth company since its inception re-finds the love of his life (for the umpteenth time), and finally puts a ring on it; you celebrate. You take pictures, you gallivant Detroit, and you laugh your faces off for hours. Doug + Stacy are special kind of people, my kind of people and I can't even wait for this wedding day to roll around.

Alison + Paul

Maybe someday I'll learn my lesson and not convince my clients to still hold their ceremony outdoors, even if it's raining. Except, then I'd have to give up the incredible emotions, the gorgeous light, and the magic of family abandoning all creature comforts just for the sake of sharing in the joy of a moment these two had envisioned for months. On second thought, I don't take anything back. This day was truly one of the best.

Long-live Alison + Paul and their rainy, perfect, beautiful wedding story.

White Lake, MI :: 10.03.15

Ceremony/Reception :: Indian Springs Metropark

Cake/Coordinator :: Kosch Catering

Videography :: Deep End Films

Second Shooter :: Ryan Inman

Michele + Gaurav

When weddings take me north, I'm in my happy place. When weddings take me north AND they're held at a decommissioned U.S. Coast Guard station? Now that's just silly. Pair it with that sweet, quiet magic that Michele + Gaurav share together; and its just a match made in heaven.

Elberta, MI :: 09.05.15

Ceremony/Reception :: Elberta Lifesaving Station

Coordinator :: Simply Exquisite by the Bay

Second Shooter :: Jessica Barber

Becca + Kevin

A quiet fall evening on the campus of the University of Michigan, spent with two new friends. It was sunny, their smiles were so real and so constant; it was just about as perfect as it gets. Becca and Kevin are the real deal, and I'm so stoked I get to be a part of their big day this year.

Michelle + Jesse

It seems like I haven't been able to get this day out of my mind since last summer. Picture this: a couple, not even living Michigan (Ohio to be exact) wants to elope here. Originally when they reached out, Jesse + Michelle were considering possibly eloping at a B&B in Ann Arbor. After we met though and I talked more about the charm of Detroit, and virtually endless location options, we made the jump and started planning the date. It was to be just the two of them, an officiant, and a friend of Jesse's that would be another witness for the marriage license. They dove right in and began the planning, and on that rainy Wednesday in July; we all came together.

Naturally, they absolutely killed it with their location choices. They got ready at the always-stunning Inn on Ferry Street before we headed over to The Whitney for the ceremony and full private access to the entire historic mansion built in 1894. They had the most perfect, short and sweet ceremony. This entire day was just for the two of them, I just happened to get to be there to tell the story for their friends and family. Not once did I need to interject, to follow a schedule, to guide the process. It was a celebration of their life and love, and I was just along for the ride.

The rain came down, and we kept going. No point in stopping when there's no timeline to follow and no be-all, end-all traditions to keep up with. So take a quick peek into the story of Michelle + Jesse, I think you'll dig their love as much as I did.