Two-Thousand and Thirteen x iPhone

MAN. This year. It was one for the books. 2013 was extremely good to me, and I'm so blessed for all the adventure that it brought and the friends and family I got to share it with. We're talking travels to Vegas, Chicago (multiple times), South Carolina, Nashville (multiple times), New York City, all the edges of Michigan and explorations of Detroit. I wouldn't trade all of those hours behind the wheel and time spent on those planes for anything in the world. The experiences, cultures, friends I met and people I experienced life with in all of those places created the backdrop for a year that is beyond words. This year I:

- Began and rocked the second year of marriage with my wife. She's still ridiculously gorgeous and just about the very best life partner and adventurer I could ever ask to share life with.

- Moved twice. The first time into a condo in a sleepy little community. The second time into the crazy new experience of living Downtown Detroit. Will report back on where we end up next.

- Got a second dog. You'll see Stanley mixed in with Fletcher below.

- Procured a studio in Detroit right along the riverfront. Stop in sometime, I've got coffee and Faygo with your name on it. It's in a historic 1920's warehouse building with massive factory windows and beautiful views galore.

- Drank lots of coffee. From lots of different places.

- Rode trains, busses, subways, planes, cars, boats, bikes, kayaks, and ferry's. It was the best.

- Spent a week in Vegas with a ton of photographer friends (all of whom I had never met in person prior to then). We laughed, we hung out, we partied , we shot photos in the desert. Instant friends.

- Fell even more in love with this city of Detroit. It and its people are like nothing else in the world, and I'm proud to call it home. Haven't been? Let me show you around.

- Watched and joined friends as their dreams and ideas came to life. Multiple times.

- Built a dining room table by hand and re-finished a few other pieces of furniture. Man-stuff.

- Continued growing the MammothBooth! and MammothReach brands with a bunch of rad clients and friends along for the ride.

- Shot weddings all over the place (and country). I still love waking up every morning and documenting life and love of my clients gets to be my job.

- Added two more nieces to the lineup right before the end of the year. Bringing the current niece and nephew count to 5.

- Hosted Steve Moakler and David Bazan in the studio for small, intimate shows.

- Attended my first America's Thanksgiving Parade. It was everything I hoped and dreamed and can't wait to go back again next year.

- Ate lots of delicious food.

Crap...did I forget something?! Oh yeah, and we also are preparing to welcome a stinkin' baby into the world! Cali and I are so pumped to be expecting our first incredible little bundle of joy in July 2014. Holy crap, we're in for some changes, but we could not be any more thrilled. She's going to be the absolute best Mom.

All that to say, this was my year. Documented by the little phone, always hanging out in my pocket. All images were taken using an iPhone 5 and processed using VSCO Cam. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a recap in my professional work from this past year. Here's to 2014 and to the changes and adventures it brings. I hope you'll follow along.

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