Carter + Julian

Gosh, there's so many things to say about this wedding. I could mention the stunning home that housed everything from the ceremony on the porch, to the cocktail hour in the rear gardens, to the dancing in the side-yard, to the after-party in the dining room and backyard. I could mention the incredibly kind and graceful families of both Carter and Julian (and the awesome amount of Julian's family that came in from France). I could mention the stories they told of their life, their love, what that home meant to everyone inside of it. I could mention what a ridiculous honor it was that Jamie Clayton brought me down south to show me his hometown, introduce me to his family, let me second shoot this wedding for him, and ask me to join his Memorial Day canoe trip just outside of Nashville; without ever having met me in person prior. I could mention any of those things. And I would, if I could put them into the words they deserved. Instead, I'll just say one thing: Good lord, do I love the south.

And now, a little segment I'd like to feature about my man J. Clay.

Last I checked, he was single, LADIES...

Gaffney, SC :: 05.25.13