2015 | Year in Review

It was a big year. A big, hairy, crazy year that I loved (nearly) every second of. It was a year of a whopping 50% more weddings than the previous year. Of moving into a new Detroit studio, and falling deeper in love with the city every day. It was another year of chasing those stories that I love so well; of the couples, of the families, of the makers and entrepreneurs. And most importantly, it was a year of watching my baby turn into a toddler, and my wife into the best Mom on earth. 

I traveled to the PNW (twice), Texas, Chicago and Nashville; and Northern Michigan more times than I can count. Guys, 2015 was such an insane ride, a test of how much I could handle, of how big I could dream and still have it all work out. And the good news is, I still love this job and the people I meet more and more every single day. 

With all that said, welcome to my brand new website. A brand and vision nearly 5 years coming since my last website was launched. My old logo and website didn’t tell the story of where this journey has taken me in the last 7 years. This job and my life surrounding it have shaped me; have made me see more things and dream more dreams and be inspired by pretty much any situation I’m thrown in. I needed something that was so inexplicably me, and also a website that functioned like it was the 21st century. I can’t even begin to thank my good friend Phil Selander enough for all of the tireless work he did on my new brand. I’m so, so happy that this is all finally out in the world (and that I can start blogging again).

Below, you’ll find some (read: a lot) of images. These aren’t the best, or the most perfect images of 2015. They’re the images that made me feel something. That weren’t just things or traditions or decorations or distractions. These were real people, living their real life; I just happened to have the honor to be there to capture it. 

Let 2016 be the year of more real adventures. More connections and more intimate weddings. More travel and discovery and always pursuing my craft. This year is already shaping up to be incredible with the clients I’ve got on the roster. There’s room for just a few more and if you’re reading this and have a family or are getting married anywhere on planet earth: I want to tell your story. I truly can’t wait to.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following along, I can’t wait to show you these full stories and more. Soon, very soon.