Lindsey + Stephen

Man, this day was so special; it's almost indescribable. First, welcome to the very first full wedding post on my new journal. I'm so stoked still with this new website and brand launch and can't thank you enough (whoever you are), for following along and valuing my work enough to visit my site and read these stories. 

From the very first email Lindsey sent me, I knew this was a day I needed to be a part of. What was originally meant to be a true elopement, turned into just a very small wedding for the closest of family and friends from around the country. The setting? The historic, and newly re-opened for weddings Belle Isle Boathouse. Formal events haven't been held here for decades, and Lindsey and Stephen were only the second to have their wedding in this absolutely breathtaking space (the first was just the day prior). This wasn't just a pretty space to them though, this was their story, their history, where they met and formed their relationship years prior. Both being rowers themselves, and competing out of this location meant so much to them to return here with family and friends and craft this beautiful day.

The kicker though? They flew back home later this day! So that means a sunrise wedding on the largest island park in the United States; and it was epic. The sun coming up over the docks and the boats, pouring into the grand ballroom with the peeling paint, the mimosas and the chicken and waffles and the gathering of only those who mean the absolute most in their life. 

Lindsey and Stephen: thank you for the incredible honor of telling your story. Of meeting you, and meeting your family, and meeting your friends and being a part of such an intimate and beautiful morning. It's something I won't soon forget.

So grab your coffee (or mimosa), and start the slow-scroll. You'll be glad you did.