A Scottish Adventure

Jamie, my dear friend and comrade of my work with CAT Footwear, Chaco, and perhaps the most-impactful of all: Michigan House shot me a text in late October. Its question? “Can you come to Scotland in a couple weeks?” My answer? “Schedule-wise, yes. Cali will kill me if I go to Europe for the first time without her though.” The answer? “Let’s get her over here too.” Within an hour, we had babysitters lined up for our kids and dogs (thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our families and our community here in Detroit), and a couple of weeks later we were headed for the adventure of a lifetime.

Glasgow. Luss. Glencoe. Oban. Edinburgh. And everywhere in between. But we had less than four days to do it after you removed the travel days. It was madness, it was glorious, it was absolutely perfect in every way. I got to photograph some of my favorite people along the way, I got to see (and drive) another part of the world with my lovely wife by my side, and I created some of my favorite work in a VERY long time.

I’ll just shut up and let you take a peek for yourself. Here’s the amazing country of Scotland, through my eyes. Thank you Jamie, Ryan, Bethany, and Julien for the trip and opportunity of a lifetime. It’s something I’ll never forget.