Jane + Brian

What do I even begin to say about this day. It was truly like something out of a dream from start to finish. You see, Jane was one of the few (500, give or take) year-round residents of Mackinac Island for her entire life. She saw the beauty, and the solace, and the magic of this place where cars don't exist and tourists run rampant for 6 months out of the year. Even after spending her life there, the mystique remained, and it was something she wanted to share not only with Brian every chance she got through their dating relationship; but with family and friends as well on this day. 

What resulted, was this small, intimate, and perfect day that you see below. At her father's property overlooking the Straits of Mackinac and the Mackinac Bridge, all was perfect, all was serene, all was just them. Brunch with her girls, beers with his guys, all the familiar sights and sounds that they knew so well. The party broke up around 6pm, and that was our chance for an insiders tour of the island for sunset portraits like I've never taken before. It was beautiful and gorgeous and heartwarming every second of that whole day, and I just pray that you can feel some of that through these images below. 

Grab your coffee and try and breathe some of this in. Then make it to the bottom of the post to see what my friends at Sculpted Films created that day too, because they're insane. Also, listen to Jane + Brian and their group FINKEL today, because they're also insane.

If you made it this far, don’t miss the incredible artistry that my friends at Sculpted Films created for Jane + Brian that day too. Unreal.