Grand Haven Family Photographer


Twenty-Twelve. Holy Crap. How do I even begin to describe it? The sheer amount of life change I got to experience in front of my lens is just jaw-dropping. In 2012 I:

Got married. Fell even deeper in love with my incredible wife Cali, I'd be nothing without her as my support system. Moved out of my parents house. Photographed people all around Michigan, Chicago, Nashville, Kentucky and more. Traveled out of the country for the first time. (Canada doesn't count) Launched MammothBooth! Got to welcome an incredible new niece and nephew into the world. Documented the weddings, engagements, families, seniors, and businesses of people that I genuinely care for, love, and am better off for knowing. Got an even deeper sense of the indescribable impact that a single photo can have on aforementioned people. Trespassed. A lot.

There was early mornings and long nights. There was times of extreme joy and times of unbearable stress. But these 194 images below are the reason why I continue to come back for more year after year. These aren't the most technically "correct" or "perfect" images I've ever taken. They won't necessarily have people knocking down my door to take photos of them. But they are my year in a nutshell. Each tells a story to me. The people, the places, the moments. Thank you so much to everyone that continually trusts me, believes in me, and allows me the honor of capturing these incredible moments. These images are my Twenty-Twelve.

Huge amounts of high-fives to Bryan, Abbey, Jakob, and Nick for locking down the second-shooter spots for me at some of these weddings as well. So much love for those talented people.

To Twenty-Thirteen. Let's make some memories together.