Hannah + John

I don’t even have words for this day. For these people. For this place. I guess that’s why we have photos, to tell the stories that words can’t convey. Hannah + John are absolutely golden human beings. They exude happiness and kindness and love to people they’ve never met (see also: me). They invited people into their home and into their world to show them the city they fell deeply and madly in love with, and I’m so glad they did. This was my third wedding in New Orleans, and I’m hoping not my last. There’s just way too much magic left to capture there, I can’t stop yet.

Meet Hannah + John. They’re my friends, they’re perfect for each other, and their story is gorgeous. I hope you enjoy.

Lexie + Trevor

I've been sitting here with the cursor blinking at me for what seems like forever. Blink. Blink. Blink. Words still aren't coming to me. Below is a wedding that means to me way more than words can describe. I honestly wish I could just take all of you there, even if just for a few moments. Each and every wedding I photograph is so individually special and perfect and beautiful to me; but every so often a couple, and a venue, and a locale, and their friends and family will stop you dead in your tracks. This was that wedding. You probably remember Alexis and Trevor from our super short, but ridiculously beautiful Brooklyn engagement session a couple of months back. They were nervous as all get out, but I still made them take pictures with me, and I'm so glad we did. The wedding day rolls around, I had arrived in New Orleans just a couple of days earlier and had spent my time exploring with my little family, stuffing my face with beignets, and listening to street musicians in the French Quarter for what seemed like hours at a time. We had a touch of rain in the morning, no problem, I figured. Turns out, it wasn't. It stopped just minutes before we were to get off the bus to take some portraits. There's just so many bits and pieces I wish I could gush about this day for hours a time, but I guess I'll just have to save that for another time. We're talking beautiful sun peaking through the clouds, Spanish moss hanging off of seemingly every tree in sight, a gorgeous ceremony venue surrounded by ridiculously cool family members and friends. Then there was the reading. Rather than a poem or some scripture, Trevor and Alexis opted to have their friends read snippets of their GChat conversations from some six or seven years earlier, before they were even dating. People were rolling in their seats for a good ten minutes. It was so indescribably "them."

There was just so much here. So much to see. So much beauty. So much love and happiness. The music was in the air from three different extremely talented bands, and everyone was there to have as much fun as they could possibly muster. The "Second Line" through the streets following dinner en route to dancing was one of the most magical things I've had the opportunity to photograph (and just maybe caused me to shed a tear or twelve behind my camera...I was just humid?). Just so, so much goodness. My dreams. An additional defining moment in this beautiful art form I get to call a job.

So sit back, drink some coffee, and come along with me to the beautiful land known as NOLA. This post is a doozy, but I promise it'll be well worth it.

New Orleans, LA :: 10.11.14

Preparation Venue :: Roosevelt Hotel

Ceremony Venue :: Audubon Park

Dinner Venue :: Arnaud's and French75

Dancing Venue :: New Orleans House of Blues

Planning :: Mint Julep Productions

Brass Band :: Kinfolk Brass Band

Reception Band :: Ask the Thomas Bros.

Second Shooter :: Ben Hood