Two-Thousand and Twelve x iPhone

Oh, 2012. What an incredible year in my life. I got married, I went to the Dominican Republic, Chicago (many times), Nashville, Grand Haven, Tawas, the U.P. and everywhere else in between. In this year, I truly discovered one of my favorite mediums for images: the iPhone. I downright fell in love with taking pictures with the one thing that is always with me. The ease, the portability, and its ability to go incognito. I fell in love with Instagram and editing with VSCO Cam. Most of all, I fell in love with the iPhone's ability to create easy, beautiful snapshots of this crazy life and the world around me. Looking back on these memories of a year gone by, spent with my amazing wife, our crazy dog Fletch and family by my side, has been and will be something that I'll always cherish. For now though, enjoy a year in the life of JDG via iPhone and look forward to a look back on my year in the real world of images really soon! All images shot with iPhone 4S and 5 using VSCO Cam. Follow me on Instagram!