belle isle engagement

Meg + Joe

A laid-back engagement session with friends in Detroit. Top it off with coney dogs, puppies, and Joe’s classic Bel Air, and you’ve got yourself some magic.

Drew + Missy

When you find those clients that you just "click" with on every freaking level, you pretty much just shoot the crap out of them until you've used every last drop of sunlight the day has to offer. Drew + Missy are that couple, and I'm so insanely glad to know them. 

Kristina + Robb

You know, just one of those typical love stories that involves the shoe designer falling in love with the industrial designer and moving to Portland to do PNW stuff but returning to Michigan for your engagement photos on Belle Isle and your wedding at Cranbrook. One of those stories. I like those stories, and I like Kristina + Robb.